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Crochet basket/bag :iconrockie7777:rockie7777 1 0 Book bag :iconrockie7777:rockie7777 0 0 Basket of wash cloths :iconrockie7777:rockie7777 2 0 Blue baby blanket :iconrockie7777:rockie7777 2 0
She stepped out of the woods as if she had not existed a moment before; silent, unblending herself from the back ground, nearly the same color as the thick road dust onto which she stepped a moment later. Softly tanned skin, with numerous small cross hatchings of scars on hands, arms, feet, legs. a drunken line of freckles slipped across her nose to scatter over faintly pink cheeks. ragged hair curled away from her head in colors of autumn leaves. hair matched her eyes, which also held flecks of new-leaf green with in their gold and hazel twinkles. she was clad from neck to knee in silken doe skin; a gift given to her by a naturally dying grand dame of the nearby herd. she has used hoof and bone from the doe also to fashion needles and buttons. she was properly grateful to the deer and had mourned her loss to the herd and herself. life continued from death, as always, a lesson the girl had learned very young and very often in her short life.
Her name was Jema. that's all she knew about
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hat :iconrockie7777:rockie7777 0 0 socks :iconrockie7777:rockie7777 1 0 Bowls, socks :iconrockie7777:rockie7777 1 0
He was beautiful as stained glass
in a muddy puddle,
thin and barely upright.
mazed with illness making his breath whistle
most softly, his words slow flute notes
sweetly offered, gratefully taken.
He carried a blue book, silvered on the edges with age,
Daily caress of hand and eye.
Belgium had sent sternly blind soldiers,
Ignorant doctors into the congo
For reasons better unknown.
That earth's people had more centuries
Living with the dirt and rain,
The swarms of the small and the microscopic,
Longer than enough to survive and thrive
Until projectiles of rare substances
Removed arms, legs, lives.
The clouds of burnt powder and
Shrill whimpers of pain ate holes in most souls.
His soul was patched with kindness, humility, love.
Hunched over stuttering steps he read hope
Humor joy tears from his book tying his soul to theirs.
I caught him tumbling from a cough
That ripped and rippled through his core.
His bones felt on the outside,
no covering of substance holding them together.
I wanted
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Elfin Warrior :iconrockie7777:rockie7777 1 0 wip what is it? :iconrockie7777:rockie7777 0 0 Book cover rip off :iconrockie7777:rockie7777 0 0 Blasted tree with water color :iconrockie7777:rockie7777 1 0 Lunch time milk :iconrockie7777:rockie7777 2 0 False Alarm 1 :iconrockie7777:rockie7777 0 0
Searching ... Part 5
Mother and Father were a mixture of all the children. Mother had Jani’s auburn hair, medium gray eyes and creamy skin with a small smattering of freckles on her nose. She was taller and thinner than Father, which made the children giggle when they were young but which they took for granted as each of them grew. She was a natural teacher often staying a half step ahead of a child in a subject they found interesting but that she had not studied in depth.
She was gracefully athletic even after seven children and encouraged the children to participate together and separately in physical activities such as riding with and without tack, sitting or standing, and shooting arrows at targets, dancing (which they all giggled about but found useful at festivals), and various games with balls that they had to make up themselves. She and Father both insisted on concentration and control in everything by making each activity relevant to the children’s special interests.
Father was solidly b
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Random Favourites

Frost Fire - Part XVIII
She didn’t get much of a chance to talk to Evan alone for the next several days, and the beast was being particularly uncooperative.  Kestrel went to bed particularly wiped after a long day and hoped the morning would bring something useful.  Bob was just as frustrated and tired as she, and cuddled up next to her on her bunk, stubby feet twitching every now and again as he dreamed.  
She was in the middle of a dream when a voice broke through.  ‘Little one, are you awake?’
The voice prodded until she sat up in the dark, hair disheveled and eyes unfocused.  ‘Wha..?’
In her head again, ‘Can you come out so we can talk?  I’ve got a little bit of time here where I’ll make some sense.’  The beast sounded apologetic, and Kestrel got the impression it was because of the rarity of his lucid moments rather than the late hour.  She got dressed and tucked Bob, who was still
:iconjedijaz:JediJaz 1 0
Frost Fire - Part XIX
Kestrel rose the next morning with the grace of a zombie, and nearly lost her balance twice on the way to her shower.  
‘Time to ease up on the drinkin’ eh girl?’  Calart said with a leer.
Kestrel looked through her lashes at him as if to say he wasn’t worth her notice, and picked a stall.  He left with a laugh.  The one upside to being stuck here, she thought, was that the bathing room was nice and warm.  It didn’t encourage cleanliness when you froze to death after getting out from under the hot water, and close quarters like this weren’t good for one’s sanity when people were wandering around stinky all the time.  The place had been so messy that it stunk enough on its own without adding unwashed bodies to it.  
Kestrel realized there were probably better things to be thinking about when in the shower, not the least of which was the vision she’d had with the beast’s hel
:iconjedijaz:JediJaz 1 0
Frost Fire - Part XX
That evening, the beast had another moment of lucidity and called to her.  ‘Come, please little one.  But, this time, bring the boy with you.’
‘Are you sure?’ she thought to him as she put on her boots.  
‘Yes, come quickly, I don’t know how long I’ll have this time.’
Kestrel found Evan in the common room, reading as he often did in the evenings, ignoring several of the people around him who were alternately chatting loudly at each other and trying to get a rise out of him.  He was well practiced at not allowing them to.
‘Evan, I need to check the beast, will you come with me?  I think there’s something you could help me out with, being more experienced with him.’
‘Him?’ sneered Calart.  ‘You can’t handle real men, so you start following around boys and monsters?’
‘I tell you again Calart, you find any real men around, you let me know.’
:iconjedijaz:JediJaz 1 0
Tribute to my father - Final :iconshouclak:Shouclak 633 279 Calendar 2 by Ilona :iconilona:ilona 217 78
Frost Fire - Part VII
They went back out into the courtyard to run through marching maneuvers for the remainder of the time until lunch.  The serving went well and quickly, and every time Kestrel saw Zavonie go by with a pile of dishes in her arms she had a warm fuzzy feeling.  Bob fizzed in her head in agreement as well.  
Their afternoon was spent in a building near the martial arts room that was set up much like the end of term exams were, with rows of desks.  They were handed an aptitude test as well as a list of jobs they would prefer.  It was explained that once they were finished with the test, if their results fit the jobs they requested, that was the way they’d go.  They would spend this evening speaking with advisors that would discuss their results.  
‘Another test?’ Kestrel thought to Bob, ‘That is so not fair.’  She half smiled to herself.  He agreed and assured her through feeling
:iconjedijaz:JediJaz 1 0
Frost Fire - Part VIII
‘I mean, simply, that you scored very high on a few aspects of your test.’
Kestrel blinked rapidly, eyebrows knitting together.  ‘Which were those, sir?’
‘How do you feel about becoming an investigator?’
She blinked some more.  ‘You mean, like a detective?’
‘Somewhat, yes.  You have the physical aptitude to become very good at self defense and martial arts, and you scored off the charts in deductive reasoning, tracing magic, and finding lost things.’
Kestrel’s ears warmed at the praise, but she had never done anything quite like that before and said so.
‘Well, if you think it’s a mistake, we can always test you again, but I believe you would be good at it.  We would send you to the capital city possibly after your training was complete, and you’d spend your time assisting the law enforcement – of which several of your cohort seems to be apt, interestingly enough – and
:iconjedijaz:JediJaz 1 0
Frost Fire - Part Something 2
Kestrel gathered up her few belongings, including the picture that Halby had drawn for her all that time ago.  She wondered if he’d wonder where she’d gone, and what he’d think when he was told why she’d been sent away.  Just yesterday things had been going absolutely perfect.  They’d gotten partnered up to solve a particularly difficult case several weeks ago; his particular brand of far-reaching abilities and her penchant for locating difficult bits of evidence were perfectly suited for it.  They managed to crack it yesterday.  
A group of wizards who had tried to make a weapon to destroy a government building had left a trail of blood behind them, and they’d managed to leave no witnesses behind.  Even people who thought they might have seen something had curious blind spots, and Kestrel knew that if she sent Bob to find them with his amazing skill, they wouldn’t hesitate in punting him off
:iconjedijaz:JediJaz 1 1
Love Hurts :iconfrowzivitch:frowzivitch 60 18
Mature content
THE CHOREOGRAPHER :iconamartinsdebarros:amartinsdebarros 96 14
Berserker Bluebell :iconursulav:ursulav 719 111
Frost Fire - Part VI
‘What are you doing?’
He looked up, startled, and swung his legs off the bed gesturing for her to sit, holding the paper to his chest.  ‘Oh, nothing… It’s just something I do.’
‘Go on, let me see.’  
‘Well, it’s not very good, but… here.’  He handed it to her, and she realized it was a sketchbook.  He’d been finishing off a rather surprisingly detailed drawing of the barge that had brought them there that morning.  
She looked at him, nonplussed. ‘Not very good?  This is great!  You even got recognizeable people on the deck there!’
He blushed a little, making his freckles stand out.  
‘How long have you been drawing?’
‘Oh, off and on since I was… oh, 3 I guess.’  He looked away and rubbed his arm as if embarrassed.
‘That’s amazing, can I look through the rest of this?’  
:iconjedijaz:JediJaz 2 0
Green Eyes: The Distant City :iconhibbary:hibbary 3,422 360
Frost Fire - Part V
Three hours later, she was saying goodbye to her parents and friend, tears welling up without falling in all eyes but Olive’s.  Hers fell with abandon, and she was loudly sniffly.  Kestrel suspected that it was mostly because she wanted to go with and hoped she wouldn’t choke.  Hugs were shared all around, and Kestrel shouldered her bag and made her way into the courtyard with the other graduates who were shipping out to the army.  In the courtyard was a sight Kestrel hadn’t seen much of before: an airship took up much of the flagstone portion.  Kestrel had seen only a few before, as past classes were carried off.  It resembled a sailing ship, but only vaguely.  Instead of masts there were three large balloon-like structures tethered to the deck.  They didn’t hold air exactly, but a lighter version of it created by chemists.  They were able to use their magical abilities to mak
:iconjedijaz:JediJaz 2 0
Frost Fire Part IV
The rest of the week progressed uneventfully for the most part, the girls sitting their exams decently.  If they didn’t pass with flying colors, they didn’t fail either, and were both relieved to be finished.  Kestrel, however, had a slimy knot in her belly reminding her constantly that she was going to ship off to boot camp the following week.  
I don’t know how mum survived this; she’s always been so… girly.   Kestrel knew it was her civic duty, to give back to the community and schools that had helped raise her and train her in her abilities.  Fat lot of good that was when they wouldn’t even acknowledge one of those abilities.  I wonder how many others have talents they’ve hidden because they’re just not done.  Stupid ‘tradition’.
This is how things were done, and how they’d always been done.  When children were born,  they were provid
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Jaq in the box
United States
Current Residence: Oregon coast, USA
Favourite style of art: Pencil, black and white
Wallpaper of choice: Dr. Who 7, 9 & 10
Personal Quote: "...sometimes a big green dragon is just a big green dragon..."
I sit mostly in my big blue chair crocheting, knitting, spending too much time on DVDs and Pinterest. As I indicated in January, I retired in October. I spent some time (months) going through various tests for heart and lung and hoping for some kind of magic bullet, so to speak, to make my beating and breathing that of a younger, more fit person. I didn't succeed. I also didn't exercise much more than a weekly walk around a few blocks. I spent two terms out of karate, more or less, which added to the problems. So here I am, just past birthday #63 out of shape, unable to breath, karate camp just a few weeks away and not ready.

I also decided to quit (on doctors' orders) meds that weren't adding anything except undesirable side effects. Too dizzy to stand up isn't good. But the vivid dreams I've been having during the weaning process are amazing. Full on movies with color, special effects, scent, beginning, middle and even endings. Endings on any of my writing is problematic at the best of times. I posted a free verse of one dream that broke my heart. The guy was so decent and sweet, I loved him inside and out, and I could only help him by carrying on what he started.

I also had a wonderful dream involving Doctor Who #10, but I'm not good at writing risque. I will probably write it as fan fiction someday, just to get it out of my head (and flush some hormones out). Wouldn't it be wonderful to be a Christmas special companion? Hoo boy!

I've plans for a memory book for my sister; something she can put ticket stubs and photos in with blank spaces for anecdotal material. Making everything from scratch except the paper and maps. My handmade paper is more suited to sculpture than pages. I've also got a Doctor Who journal in the works. Couldn't find blue leather so it will be distressed paper/book board binding built in layers for textures. Making books is something I can do quick and dirty, meaning using whatever is at hand, some glue and string...or a week long process involving lots of layers, cutting, special paper & glue, sewn bindings often with rivets and such. And mod podge. lots and lots of the stuff. I have clay baking pans that have never seen food; just weighted down drying book covers to prevent warping.

The crocheting and knitting can be viewed at wordpress under There are socks and lots and lots of hats, some of them perched on my the morning...before make up or coffee or shower... so don't judge me too harshly, please? ;-}

On another subject...I am ridiculously proud of daughter westernphilosopher and her significant scruffyzero. They have been working at their respective crafts with diligence and talent. They are always worth watching.
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  • Eating: M & Ms
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